Picking up autumn leaves from garden

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Picking up autumn leaves from garden

โพสต์โดย JensenBreck » 02 พ.ย. 2017, 13:53

Hi all,
Would love to know how you folks go about picking up your autumn leaves from the garden and disposing of them.
We have quite a large garden back and front surrounded by trees. This time of year the leaf fall is never ending! Iv already spent 30+ hours in the garden pain stakingly raking and bagging them up. Every time I do the gardens I end up with about 10 huge bags fill of leaves. Only to wake up in the morning to find the same amount has fallen again!! My shed is full of about 40-50 bags!
I do have a leaf blower but its pretty naff to be honest. Its ok for blowing the leaves around from the brick area but is very poor on the grass. Its blowing power seems to be poor and its heavy. Used it once for an hour and my back was gone!
Would love to know how everyone else manages this gruelling chore!?

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